Deborah Jackson

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Hello again. I just examined my web site and realized that some of the material is antiquated. I believe it requires a good deal of spring cleaning, just as everything else in my house does. The add-ons for Ice Tomb are especially outdated, regarding a moon base, etc. Now I ask your patience. My web master is a very busy man and he may not have updates--such as a Sinkhole sneak peek--up and running soon, let alone a revamping of the site. But I do intend to get to that as soon as possible.

I have a bit of other news. Well, I would say, an enormous chunk of news. LBF Books is now under new management, and I hope to see the distribution and availability of Time Meddlers improve over the next few weeks. I imagine some people have been frustrated. In fact, I don't need to imagine--I've heard complaints from people who really, really wanted to purchase the book, but couldn't seem to get hold of it. As an author, there's nothing more blood-boiling than to hear this. So it has been my priority, and hopefully will be with the new management. I intend to nag them until it's done!

As for appearances, I'll be resuming those at the end of May and into June. I have a few school presentations booked and will probably do some signings in Ottawa, maybe Montreal and upper New York State.

Well, that's about it. Back to revision.