Deborah Jackson

Friday, December 04, 2009

Delays, delays

Sorry, I haven't posted any updates, but I've experienced nothing but delays this fall, so there hasn't been much to tell. Finally Time Meddlers Undercover is available at Amazon and the publisher's web site. It may still be some time before it's available in other bookstores. My launch has been delayed as well. I'm shooting for January now. But I'm hoping to get signed books to those who requested them soon.

As for other news, I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching fiction writing at the Shenkman Arts Centre. It was a treat and inspiration to meet enthusiastic new writers and encourage them to develop their skills as they begin a career that is both exciting and challenging. The course will resume again in January.

Now, as far as my web site is concerned, I've finally revamped the biography section and added a new photo. I'm hoping my web master can get around to changing this one in my blog as well. I'd be happy to see the death of it. But new adaptations may take some time. I was hoping to add a "fun stuff" area and the book trailer for Time Meddlers Undercover. In the meantime, I'm adding the trailer here: (and for some reason it's posting a double image--just ignore the second one).