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Friday, June 01, 2007


So, there you have it. A first look at Sinkhole--in the "Books" section of my web site. I hope you enjoy it. This is just the beginning--the situation becomes increasingly desperate, and the discoveries mysterious and rather shocking. And what I put my poor characters through: the rigors, the misery, the pain and terror--I should be ashamed of myself. But, hey, I write fiction, so I'm not. In my opinion, the more reckless, the better, as long as you readers are satisfied.

There is also a new section on my web site. It's called "In the News." My web master and I were pondering where to put articles written about me or my books. So we developed this section specifically for these articles. I don't have access to every article, so only those that certain journalists were generous enough to allow me to post are on the web site. Have a look, if you're interested.

Now, I've resumed visiting schools. I had a little "health hiatus," but I'm back at it. The book signings should begin again soon, although I won't be making full rounds until the fall. If you would like me to visit a school or bookstore in your area, please feel free to make a request. I'll do my best to include you in my tour.

What I'm doing now: final revisions on Sinkhole, and Ghost in the Piano. Will I ever finish this one? The answer is yes--I think it's almost there. It was a rather complex novel to sort out, because I've mixed a ghost story with a thriller subplot. Has it been done before? I can't seem to recall one. Watch the editor tell me to rip it all apart--because it SHOULDN'T be done. Why not? Why does everything have to be so traditional? I imagine they'll say that readers want books to follow one genre or another. But is that true?? Or do you want something different?

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Lizann Flatt said...

I hope your revisions are going well! Just popping in here to "Tag" you so you're "it". I had no clue what this means until I was tagged. See my blog to find out what it's fairly painess, honest! But ignore if you'd rather, no problem. :>