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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Up and running

Well, I'm back at it again. I'll be doing some school presentations this month and some signings in March, maybe a tour in the spring. Further details later on.

I also wanted to let you know that I am reaching a conclusion to this years-long quest of writing an unconventional "ghost story". By George, I think I've got it. Then I will resume revising Time Meddlers Undercover, and I have some NEW ideas I want to sort through--maybe an unconventional pirate story. We'll see.

The website may undergo another update. Since I seem to getting very positive feedback on my school presentations, I may add a page that will supply more information about it. In the meantime, just to let you know, the presentation is not the typical reading, Q & A that an author generally does in schools. Instead I have a power point slide show explaining several aspects of the curriculum that I had to research, plus an interactive workshop on the process of writing. I also bring along some hands-on paraphernalia for the children to examine. Birch bark canoes etc., although not life-size, in case you're wondering.

Finally, I wanted to add that I have reached the pinnacle of my career. Not a bestseller. Not oodles of money. Not critical acclaim. What does a writer write for anyway? To be read. A children's writer? To hear of the delight of a child in your book. I have learned recently that I have reached that goal. Not only has Time Meddlers been read to the delight of several children, but it has been devoured by a "reluctant reader" no less. Sigh.

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