Deborah Jackson

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Launch

Yes, I know, I already have a blog. But it's boring! And because I may have 12-year-olds interested in Matt and Sarah's adventures and fun coding activities, but I also have writers interested in the process of writing or some tips I can provide, and historical fiction and science fiction buffs, etc., I needed something a little different.

So this will be the layout of my blog, categorized, so anyone who is interested in one topic but not another can easily navigate it and instantly find what they're interested in (and ignore the rest).

Book News - the latest releases, author tours, excerpts

Writing Tips - for writerly advice

Matt and Sarah's Misadventures - you know, those time messer-uppers. I'll be writing short adventures that take Matt and Sarah to various times and places throughout the multiverse

Fun Stuff - quizzes, coding and other activities (not for the faint of heart)

Science and Time Travel Related Info - in case you're interested in the science behind the stories

History and Historical Fiction – for history buffs

Personal Notes on How I Developed My Books - for the curious

My Life and Other Little Stories - not as fascinating as Sarah and Matt's, but I have a few adventures of my own once in a while

So that's it. Hope you take a gander. It certainly will be a challenge to maintain, and keep up with writing, teaching and whatnot (family stuff, you know), but I feel genuinely inspired and have already started to write some Misadventures, along with some less humorous material.

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