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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Meddlers Announcement

Time Meddlers

Deborah Jackson

Dear Time Meddlers fans,
I’ve come to a decision. It’s not fair to make you wait two, three years to read the third Time Meddlers book when you’ve been thoroughly engrossed in the adventure. That is the reality of finding a new publisher (minimum).

Time Meddlers Undercover

Deborah Jackson
So . . . I’m going to self-publish all three books for the time being, in both electronic and print format. I’ll do my best to deliver the books to the most accessible retailers, and I’m even engaging an artist to make these books more visually appealing than they were through the previous publisher. I’m also revising the first book entirely to match the other two in writing quality and dynamism. This will take some time, but hopefully by the end of the summer I can release all three :)
Chapter 1
Cretaceous Park
Sarah parted the leaves of the gigantic fern and peered out at the riverbank. Directly in front of her, a duckbill dinosaur dipped its muzzle into the water for a drink. Sarah glanced back at Matt, who was being far too noisy, rustling leaves and crackling dead branches beneath his feet.

Matt,” Sarah squeaked. She pushed him down as the duckbill raised its head and examined them suspiciously.

“It’s okay, Sarah. It’s only a plant-eater.”

“A plant-eater that’s big enough to crush you with its feet, or one swipe of its tail. This is crazy. What are we doing?”

“My dad is here, just past that clump of trees. I’m sure of it.” Matt pointed to a spot in the forest congested with cypress and palm trees.

“Right,” said Sarah. “It looks like the Everglades, but it sure isn’t. Why couldn’t we rescue your father in a safer time period?”

She couldn’t believe he had roped her into another mad adventure, not in a war this time, but in the Alberta badlands sixty million years in the past.

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Chapter 2

Time Disruption

Matt stood at the entrance to the lab building, trying to comprehend. If he thrust even the tip of his finger through the partition, it seemed to disassemble. Beyond the door all he could see was uninterrupted forest – not a building in sight. What had happened? Had time been altered in such a way that North American civilization didn’t exist anymore, that they didn’t exist? No, it couldn’t be. But why couldn’t they leave the lab building?

“Matt, do you have any idea . . . ?” Sarah’s voice seemed small and lost. Why shouldn’t it be? This was impossible, wasn’t it?

“I don’t know. Something to do with the time machine, I think.”

“It would have to be. No earthquake or bomb could do this. This building, we’d be wiped out too, and there’s nothing left out there.”

“Not a building. Not a house,” Matt agreed.

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