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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Time Meddlers Books, Ice Tomb and My Dilemma

First of all, yes, Time Meddlers print books are now available. With new illustrations/maps and professional typesetting, along with some essential revising, these books are far superior to the original versions, at least of Book 1 and Book 2. Book 3, Time Meddlers on the Nile, is of course entirely new, and, as you’ll see, I’ve tied up the main thread in the series. But I have introduced a new one . . . More on that later.

Follow the links to each book to find the version of your choice in the bookstore of your choice. They are currently available at and all the major chains, including Europe. Eventually they should migrate to other bookstores.

Note: In this current digital age, and to be environmentally considerate, I’ve decided that the books will only be printed as ordered, to reduce the impact on trees.

Now, about my dilemma. I have been rather astonished at the popularity of Ice Tomb, a book I wrote ten years ago, and in all honesty, didn’t spend a great deal of time revising—due to other projects. I’ve been reading reviews and noticed that several people are looking for a sequel. But, I’ve also had requests for another book in the Time Meddlers series. Hence my dilemma.

At the present time I’m working on a YA project—something rather unusual that I’ve revised several times in the past three years. I plan to finish it in a few months and then decide on my next book. In case you’re curious, I will post the first chapter soon. Or you can read some of the WIP on Wattpad.

But I’m not sure what to write next. There are several interesting concepts in Ice Tomb that I could develop, and I do have ideas for a sequel, but never seriously considered it. If, however, I get a number of requests I may undertake this project, which will mean hours of research and likely at least a year of writing and rewriting. If, on the other hand, there are more fans interested in Time Meddlers continuing, this will also require a great deal of research, no matter what time period my characters explore. (I also have an idea for another adult adventure, but I’ll put that on the back burner for now). This is where you come in. Any and every request will be considered, and understand that I can’t possibly offer a sequel to Ice Tomb at the same bargain basement price, since I will be employing an editor for every book I release in the future—as I did with Sinkhole. (Time Meddlers books were originally edited by LBF Books.)

One more thing. Since I’ve re-released the Time Meddlers series I’ve requested a few reviews. These are the amazing five star reviews of Time Meddlers and Time Meddlers Undercover that have appeared recently.

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